Brief Analysis: The current political and legal situation in the Kyrgyz Republic and its influence on civil society and business

The Legal Community “Tandem” has published an analysis that assesses the political and legal situation in the country and analyzes the impact of the situation on civil society and business.

The document considers the political processes that took place after the events of October last year, including the question of legitimacy of the Jogorku Kenesh, constitutional reform, new bills and other issues. Moreover, there are several recommendations.

According to the analysis, at the present time there are a number of legal issues related to government agencies:

– The President and the judiciary are legitimate institutes;

– The legitimacy of the sixth convocation of Jogorku Kenesh  and their powers cause doubts. In the case of the extension of powers of Jogorku Kenesh, there mustn’t be taken strategic decisions by this institute.

– The powers of the Central Electoral Commission come to an end.

Toughening of the criminal legislation:

– There is no clear concept of initiating changes in criminal, criminal-procedural and criminal-executive legislation, there is no systematic analysis of the existing legislation;

– Codes prepared by the Prosecutor General’s Office should be thoroughly analyzed and publicly discussed;

– It is necessary to analyze the compliance of draft laws drafted with international agreements signed by Kyrgyzstan;

– It is impossible to allow early adoption of the bills. Because there are no objective reasons to hurry.

Legal issues in the field of civil society:

– Jogorku Kenesh shall consider bills restricting the rights of civil society, which violate the norms of international law and procedures established by national legislation;

– The practice of intimidating civil society activists by law enforcement agencies – undermines the democratic values of Kyrgyzstan as a legal state;

– The proposed “dehumanization” of the General Prosecutor’s Office restricts the activities of civil society and the media

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